How to Create Pay Stub using our
123 PayStub Creator

  • Enter your Form 2290 Information

    Fill in the information such as company info, employee info, and salary details.

  • Review and Transmit to the IRS

    Preview the information entered on the paystub and edit if you find any errors.

  • Receive your stamped Schedule 1

    Finally, download, print, or email the paystub to your employees or contractors.

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Why Should You Choose 123 PayStub Creator?

123paytsubs for Employers

Create Paystubs for Employees & Contractors

You can create paystubs for your employees or contractors easily and email them directly.

123paytsubs for Employers

Supports 2020 Form W-4

We support the new 2020 Form W-4 to calculate the withholding taxes accurately.

123paytsubs for Employers

Customize Paystub

You can customize your paystub with the Year to date values and you can add your company logo on the paystub.

123paytsubs for Employers

Additional Earnings & Deductions

You can add additional income such as tips, commissions, bonus, overtime pay, etc.

123paytsubs for Employers

Free Paystub Templates

We offer professional and realistic paystub templates to create paystubs. You can use any of the templates for free.

123paytsubs for Employers

Lowest Price

Create your first paystub for free with our paystub creator. After that pay the lowest price for each additional paystub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to create a paystub?

You just need basic information such as company name, EIN, Address, employee name, ID, Address, and salary details. If you have this information ready, then you can create paystubs in less than 2 minutes. All the calculations are automatic and accurate with our pay stub creator.

Visit to know more about the paystub creator.

Can I correct the information on the paystub?

You can edit the paystub information before you complete the order. You can preview the paystub and check the paystub information provided on the paystub.

How can I customize the paystub format?

You can customize the paystub format by changing the paystub templates and the company logo without paying any additional amount. You can change the paystub template for free. We offer professional and realistic paystub templates for free.

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